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Please read the following introduction before entering our shop.

Here we offer for the discerning modeler and figure-collector primarily everything concerning the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 3rd century AD.


Our flat figures are hand cast in the traditional way.

For this a tin alloy is used that contains 55% tin (Sn), 39% lead (Pb), 6% antimony (Sb) and a trace of bismuth.

For the purpose of manageability the flats in our shop are arranged in series and can be ordered as such.

However, this is not mandatory: Each figure is also available individually.

Please be advised that all figures for sale are collector's models and not toys. They are therefore not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

The model buildings are made of hard plaster, balsa wood and resin and are usuallyopen towards the rear or the top. Each building is not based on an specific floor plan but rather designed by incorporating structures from throughout the Roman Empire.

...And now enjoy browsing through our versatile range of models.




Our reference....

Roman Cityhouse
35.00 *
valli/pila muralia
7.50 *
15.00 *
Roman milestones
7.50 *
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